Hieronder vind je de belangrijkste artikelen met interviews van Richard en de grootste artikelen over zijn rollen die in de pers en/of op het internet zijn verschenen. Deze zijn, indien ze bij een serie horen, ook nog te vinden op de speciale media-pagina's. Op die pagina's zijn alle artikelen over de betreffende serie te vinden. Ze zijn allemaal in het engels, want voor zover ik weet zijn er nog nooit interviews verschenen in het nederlands.

Voor audio- en video interviews verwijs ik jullie naar .

Speciale media-pagina's
Robin Hood Media
Spooks Media

Strike Back Media


02-09-2010 BBC Press Office
Spooks feature URL

05-05-2010 Guardian
Richard Armitage: from spy to SAS URL

05-05-2010 Digital Spy
Richard Armitage ('Strike Back') URL

03-05-2010 FHM (editie juni)
Strike Back JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

03-05-2010 Readers Digest (UK editie mei)
Tough act JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4 JPG-file 5 JPG-file 6 JPG-file 7

02-05-2010 Sunday Express
Hero of a special force JPG-file

02-05-2010 Sunday Mercury
Macho Pose JPG-file

02-05-2010 Twitter interview (audio)
Interview door Express jouralist David Stephenson URL

01-05-2010 Daily Star
The Brits Strike Back! JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

01-05-2010 Sun
Desert Storm! JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

01-05-2010 Sky Magazine (editie mei)
Dangerous liaisons... JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4

30-04-2010 AOL Television
Richard Armitage Strikes Back! URL

29-04-2010 Shortlist
Spooks star returns with UK answer to 24 JPG-file

29-04-2010 Screenrush
Richard Armitage Talks Strike Back URL

28-04-2010 TV & Satellite Week
In the line of fire JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

28-04-2010 Total TV Guide
Heat & dust-up JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

28-04-2010 TV Choice
Blood and vengeance JPG-file

28-04-2010 TV Quick
Killer instinct JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

28-04-2010 TV Times
Tough guy Richard JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

10 Minutes with Strike Back's Richard Armitage URL

27-04-2010 Times (body & soul sectie)
The inside track Richard Armitage JPG-file

24-04-2010 Daily Express
Strike Force JPG-file

22-04-2010 The Stage
Spooks star Armitage plans return to stage JPG-file

10-04-2010 The Sun
Richard's on Strike! JPG-file

Armitage: Less action for Lucas URL


11-12-2009 TV Choice
Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all? JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2
Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all? URL

01-11-2009 Sunday Mercury
Lucas's life or death mission JPG-file

31-10-2009 Coventry Telegraph
Spy's the limit / Romance is in the air for lover-boy Lucas JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4

31-10-2009 Eastern Daily Press
Top secret new series JPG-file

30-10-2009 Leicestershire and Ruthland Life
Our very own all-action hero JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

29-10-2009 Manchester Evening News
Spooks: Richard Armitage URL

29-10-2009 Life of Wylie
Spooks: Richard Armitage Extras URL
Uitgebreider interview, hoort bij Manchester Evening News

28-10-2009 Time Out
A big ask: Richard Armitage JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

28-10-2009 Radio Times
Spies, lies and MI5 JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4 JPG-file 5

28-10-2009 TV Times
"It's a race against time!" JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

28-10-2009 TV & Satellite Week
Secrets & spies JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

28-10-2009 TV Quick
Spies of life JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

28-10-2009 TV Choice
The Spying Game... JPG-file
Spooks stars Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris reflect on the new series URL

28-10-2009 What's On TV
A quick chat with Spooks star Richard Armitage URL
Is Harry dead or alive? JPG-file

26-10-2009 Woman
"Love will push Lucas to the edge" JPG-file

26-10-2009 Star Magazine
Spooking us out again JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

24-10-2009 Daily Record
I rarely turn down work after years of struggling, says Spooks star Richard Armitage URL JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

17-10-2009 Closer
"I hate going topless!" JPG-file

10-10-2009 Daily Mail
Me, a sex god? Spooks star Richard Armitage on his army of female fans URL
Me a sex god? That is spooky! JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

01-10-2009 Filmstar Magazine
Spy games JPG-file

18-08-2009 Leicester Mercury
Leicestershire actor is in demand URL
In demand Richard is a hit in spy show Spooks JPG-file

08-07-2009 Vulpes Libris
In Conversation with: Richard Armitage URL

15-04-2009 BBC Press Office
Moving On, new drama series for BBC One Daytime, attracts top talent – Richard Armitage URL

27-02-2009 The Stage
Robin Hood, Spooks and Hustle: The stars speak [some spoilers] URL

27-02-2009 The Stage
Podcast interview met Richard URL

11-02-2009 Daily Mail
Meet my new leading man URL

06-02-2009 Red Magazine
Sharing to remote JPG-file


29-11-2008 What's on TV
Harry's been framed! JPG-file

29-11-2008 Radio Times
One final question JPG-file

29-10-2008 Woman's Own
It was lovely snogging Dawn French! JPG-file

29-10-2008 Hello
New Spooks star and Robin Hood villain Richard Armitage on his army of female fans JPG-file

27-10-2008 BBC Newsbeat
Spooks new boy plays jailed agent URL

27-10-2008 The Telegraph
Spooks actor subjected to real waterboarding for TV show URL

27-10-2008 Daily Mail
BBC show Spooks prepares to screen REAL waterboarding torture scenes URL

27-10-2008 Times Online
BBC to show ‘real life’ torture of Spooks actor who endured waterboarding for authenticity URL

26-10-2008 Sunday People
I'd make a rubbish spy JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3
Thanks Mes and AJ for the scans.

26-10-2008 Sunday Mercury (Birmingham)
New face ready for spy thrills JPG-file

25-10-2008 Cork Evening Echo
Richard spooked by his new spying role JPG-file
Interview met Richard.

25-10-2008 Coventry Telegraph
The Armitage files JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

25-10-2008 Daily Mirror
From Russia with Love JPG-file

25-10-2008 Daily Star
Undercover JPG-file

25-10-2008 TV Sky .com
Interview: Richard Armitage URL

25-10-2008 Bromsgrove advertiser/Runcorn & Widnes weekly news
Richard Armitage: Joining the secret world of Spooks URL 1 URL 2
Dit zijn dezelfde interviews als in de Chester Chronicle.

24-10-2008 This is Scunthorpe/This is Bristol
Spooky start to new series URL 1 URL 2

23-10-2008 Daily Telegraph
New Spooks star Richard Armitage tells Serena Davies about his role as MI5’s latest heartthrob URL

21-10-2008 What's on TV Online
Meet Lucas North, the Spook with a haunted past URL

21-10-2008 What's on TV Online
Richard Armitage: 'I was Spooked by lead role' URL

21-10-2008 Metro
A new kid on the Grid URL

21-10-2008 Closer
It's nice playing a hero! JPG-file

21-10-2008 Inside Soap
The spies have it! JPG-file

21-10-2008 Radio Times
Mission to Moscow JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

21-10-2008 Reveal
I miss wearing the leather JPG-file

21-10-2008 Total TV Guide
In from the cold JPG-file

21-10-2008 TV Choice
From Russia with Love JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

21-10-2008 TV Quick
Super Spy Guy JPG-file

21-10-2008 TV and Satellite Week
The spies come in from the cold JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3

21-10-2008 TV Times
Cold war, hot bosses! JPG-file

21-10-2008 What's on TV
From Guy to Spy! JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

21-10-2008 Woman
Rupert's a tough act to follow! JPG-file

20-10-2008 Chester Chronicle
Richard Armitage joins the secret world of Spooks URL

19-10-2008 Sunday Express
Secrets and spies JPG-file

19-10-2008 Sunday Mail
Spooks new leading man Richard Armitage on his online army URL
Spooks star's Barmy Armi JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

18-10-2008 Eastern Daily Press
Why I'm quitting Spooks JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

18-10-2008 The Northern Echo
Scary Guy URL

18-10-2008 Times Online
Richard Armitage joins the cast of Spooks URL

17-10-2008 Eastern Daily Press
New face in Spooks JPG-file

17-10-2008 Digital Spy
Richard Armitage ('Spooks') URL

14-10-2008 Manchester Evening News
Time to get spooked again URL

11-10-2008 Cross Stitcher
Stitch a Star Gebruikte foto . Wil je het borduurpatroon hebben, mail mij dan even.

08-10-2008 BBC
The spy returns URL

04-10-2008 Sun TV Magazine
Who's that Guy? JPG-file

24-09-2008 Sky Magazine
Guest Blog: Richard Armitage JPG-file

Actor sleepless over "killing" Lady Marian URL

01-08-2008 Popwatch Blog ( Entertainment Weekly)
Bits and Bobs (Vol. 5 1/2): Exclusive 'Robin Hood' scoop from Richard Armitage! URL

28-07-2008 Popwatch Blog ( Entertainment Weekly)
Bits and Bobs (Vol. 5): The Best of Richard Armitage URL

23-05-2008 Red Eye Showpatrol
Richard Armitage thanks fans for Sir Guy's win URL

02-05-2008 Daemon's tv
Richard Armitage from Robin Hood URL

28-04-2008 Red Eye Showpatrol
Armitage loves being hateful as "Robin Hood" bully Sir Guy URL

07-02-2008 Radio Times
Radio Times Cover Party JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2


13-12-2007 The Age
Worshipping Dibley's high-priestess URL

10-12-2007 Sydney Morning Herald
Heaven-sent bloke URL

06-10-2007 The Northern Echo
The bad Guy URL

04-10-2007 BBC Leicester
Such a great Guy URL

2 oktober 2007 Radio Times
Interview with Keith Allen and Richard Armitage URL
Bad Company JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4 JPG-file 5

14-03-2007 TV Times
I'm the leader of the pack JPG-file


02-12-2006 Radio Times
What I'm watching JPG-file

13-10-2006 The Times
It's a Guy Thing URL

06-10-2006 Manchester Evening News
This maid ain't no lady URL

03-10-2006 Radio Times
Boyz in the hood JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4 JPG-file 5 JPG-file 6

Oktober 2006 Radio Times (video)
Watch video footage of the RT/Robin Hood cover shoot! URL

Oktober 2006 The UK TV Guide
Richard Armitage on Robin Hood URL

Oktober 2006 Company
Me Time, Boys in the hood JPG-file

22-09-2006 TV Zone
Fighting for Justice JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2 JPG-file 3 JPG-file 4 JPG-file 5 JPG-file 6

30-04-2006 Sunday Times
Move over Darcey URL

29-04-2006 Daily Express
Good Impressions JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

19-04-2006 The Independent
A Favourable Impression (ook te vinden als "Richard Armitage: ladies beware") URL


10-09-2005 Daily Express
Incurable Romantic JPG-file 1 JPG-file 2

10-09-2005 The Times
Flying doctor JPG-file

06-09-2005 TV Times
To the rescue JPG-file

06-09-2005 TV Quick
The sexy superhero JPG-file

06-09-2005 What's on tv
Hero of the Hour JPG-file

06-09-2005 TV Choice
Flying doctors JPG-file

06-09-2005 TV Guide
The sky's the limit JPG-file

25-04-2005 The Times Online
In a swoon over me? Surely not URL

17-04-2005 You Magazine
In a taxi with...Richard Armitage URL

Voorjaar 2005 Vivid Magazine
Northern Exposure URL

07-02-2005 Tulsa World
Lie back and think of England URL


22-12-2004 Times Online
A dashing object of desire URL

06-12-2004 IC
Stepping out of the shadows URL

03-12-2004 The Guardian
The Players URL

02-12-2004 The Independent
The world according to...Richard Armitage URL

17-11-2004 Manchester Evening News
How Richard became North and South star URL

10-11-2004 The Independent
Love in a cold climate URL


23-11-2003 Sunday Mercury
The Box: Close up: I'm a bed boy URL


25-08-2002 Sunday Mirror
The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack.. so I had to work out URL